Shipping cargo from Singapore to Malaysia?

As an important gateway to Malaysia, Singapore offers an excellent hub for both sea and airfreight services serving the South East Asian market.

If your business has shipping requirements for cargo moving from Singapore to Malaysia and beyond then look no further than TCB Singapore.

TCB Singapore specialise in supply chain and intermodal freight transport solutions.

Through a highly skilled and experienced team, we collaborate to problem-solve, manage and deliver positive outcomes for businesses and organisations throughout the world.

Our core business services are freight, warehousing and the transportation of dangerous goods.

We are differentiated within the market place by our ability to deliver exceptional service in difficult circumstances, attention to detail and our knowledge sharing and collective experience within the industry.

TCB Singapore already partners with a number of businesses and organisations who ship cargo from Singapore to Malaysia by both air and sea.

We offer direct services through Singapore to Malaysia and South East Asia and have also set up relationships with a number of agents who help us make the connections through Malaysia Australia, New Zealand and other destinations throughout South East Asia and the Pacific region.

TCB Singapore offers the complete range of services that can help compliment your freight team and add value to your supply chain. We have a team of dedicated experts who focus exclusively on airfreight and sea freight for a wide range of organisations – from global market leaders to smaller businesses.

Our services are bespoke to satisfy the individual needs of our customers with a common thread of market intelligence and the highest levels of attention to detail.

Does your business require consolidated services from Singapore to Malaysia?

TCB Singapore is a leading provider of LCL sea and air consolidation services through Singapore.
Through an experienced team operating from our Singapore office, we offer a schedule of reliable and fixed weekly departures to a list of global destinations, competitively and transparently priced with no hidden charges.

We handle all types of cargo and are experienced in the handling of dangerous goods and have a team dedicated to managing insurance and customs requirements.

Managing freight from Singapore to Malaysia requires expertise, focus and an understanding of often-complex administrative procedures. TCB Singapore work in partnership with businesses and freight teams to ensure effective and efficient transportation of all types of cargo their our Singapore hub – working either as a shipping partner or as support to your existing supply chain management team.

To find out how we can add value to your supply chain and help with your logistics requirements, please contact or call +65 6235 7717 for a no obligation quotation.

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