“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.”

As an innovator in the automotive industry, Henry Ford made a lot sense as well as a lot of cars.

The quote could easily have been written for and on behalf of the Singapore Government and in particular their view of global shipping and logistics.

Singapore has always had a pioneering position when it comes to shipping and logistics, in no small part down to the role the region plays as a central gateway for global trade, first with Trade Net and more recently with Networked Trade Platform (NTP)

What is the Network Trade Platform?

Launched in autumn 2018, The Networked Trade Platform (NTP) is a national trade information management platform which connects businesses, community and Government systems all in a concerted effort to place Singapore as one of the world’s leading trade, supply chain and trade financing hubs.

Replacing TradeNet for trade-related applications and TradeXchange for connecting the trade and logistics community, according to Singapore Customs, the NTP aims to be a:

  • One-stop trade information management system linked to other platforms
  • Next-generation platform offering a wide range of trade-related services
  • Open innovation platform allowing development of insights & new services with cross-industry data
  • Document hub for digitisation at source that enables reuse of data to cut costs and streamline processes

How TCB Group has integrated technology to improve connectivity

TCB Group has long been an advocate of digitised systems to improve trading relationships amongst all shipping stakeholders and believe that with the NTP, connectivity between the trade and logistics community has never been stronger.

As a company with 4 hubs and a customer base stretching to all corners of the globe, communication and connectivity is at the very heart of the TCB Group.

In the same way that Singapore is trading at the digital frontier, we believe TCB Group is adopting a similar approach to improved trading conditions.

Over the last number of years, TCB Group has been working in partnership with a number of leading software providers, integrating software which can now enhance the benefits of the NTP by putting critical transit, documentary and shipping details within easy reach anytime or anywhere.

How can TCB Group add value to the supply chain?

Through our Cargowise One System our customers can now benefit from:

  • shipment tracking via Smart Phone
  • electronic document management
  • real-time tracking of departure and arrival updates

These services come now as standard, are complementary and the benefits are immediate – customers now have greater control of their logistics, saving resource, time and money.

Like Henry Ford and the Singapore government, the TCB Group understands the importance of collaboration and the subsequent shared benefits.

Ultimately technology is only as good as the people who use it and that’s why TCB Group create teams who can take full advantage of the technology at our disposal whilst at the same time remain ‘human’ and empathetic to the needs of customers.

Why you should choose TCB Group as your supply chain partner

TCB Group specialise in supply chain and intermodal freight transport solutions.

Through our highly skilled and experienced team, we collaborate to problem-solve, manage and deliver positive outcomes for businesses and organisations throughout the world.

Our core business services are freight, warehousing, the transportation of dangerous goods and supply chain management.

We are differentiated within the market place by our ability to deliver exceptional service in difficult circumstances, attention to detail and our knowledge sharing and collective experience within the industry.

To find out how we can add value to your supply chain and for a no-obligation quotation, please email in the first instance sales-sg@tcbfreight.com or +65 6235 7717.

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